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Garden Favorites in Early June

Much is happening very quickly in the garden this time of year.   Some of my favorite true blue flowers are in bloom.  This is Veronica austriaca teucrium ‘Crater Lake Blue’ and it… Continue reading

‘First Cuts’ From the Garden

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and the weekend was even more beautiful because we enjoyed the ‘first cuts’ from the garden. Fresh greens…tender, light and so delicious. Some of Johnny Scheepers Kitchen Garden… Continue reading

Falling For The Fall Garden

Fall is glorious! The weather is at its finest in most places across our country and the garden changes into a new palette of colorful beauty.  I have always been a die-hard fan… Continue reading

Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet, “One fairer than my love? The all-seeing sun Ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.” “… Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it… Continue reading

A FunOnion Harvest!

Remember Funyuns, that oniony snack you probably thought tasted great back in high school?  Well, I’m sorry if you were expecting a post about being able use actual onions to make a homemade… Continue reading

All In A Day’s Harvest…

I’ve been out of the garden again to enjoy some of the other fine things in life… like traveling abroad with my spouse celebrating the opportunity to spend time alone together as well… Continue reading

Tasty, Ripe, Homegrown Tomatoes… A Force To Be Dealt With?

It’s that time of year when the tomato plants (or seeds) you carefully selected, planted, supported and watered are coming into their FULL bounty – sharing their glorious fruits bowl after bowl day… Continue reading

Returning To The Garden

As I noted earlier in August, it is hard to leave the garden in late summer during the prime harvest season if you are growing food.  A type of garden anxiety disorder can… Continue reading

Getting Vacation-Ready May Cause Temporary Gardener Insanity

Taking a 10 day trip in the middle of the summer harvest season can be cause for a little craziness in a gardener. Now, I know it’s a privilege to go on vacation… Continue reading

Handful of This, Handful of That

The warm season harvest has begun! Actually, it began last week right at the end of July and now I am so distracted by my crops that every time I go out to… Continue reading