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Gardener ‘Shape Up’, Stretch Your Best Tools

No doubt, strength is a good thing when getting into the garden after winter and taking on spring cleanup and new projects.  And if you’re still doing the exercises from ‘Gardener Must-Have: A… Continue reading

‘Being Mindful’, A Positive Outlook Is Contagious

Something a little different today for ‘Gardener Shape-Up, Being Mindful’… Many of you may already be aware Dr. Cohan and her viral video. I was not, until a few days ago. And in… Continue reading

Gardener Must-Have: A Strong Back!

I’m starting out the 30 days of ‘Gardener Shape Up – Being Mindful of Health,’ with a post focused on a critical item for happy gardening – a strong back.  Well actually, knowing… Continue reading

Gardener ‘Shape Up’ – It’s Not A Challenge, It’s About Being Mindful

It’s January and yes it’s the time of year that many of us are revitalizing our commitment to living healthy.  Although do you ever feel January seems to run counter intuitive to this… Continue reading

December Daily Wreath: To New Beginnings!

This wreath is so colorful and festive that I just had to post it on New Year’s Eve! Here’s to mud in your eye if you are a gardener!  And if not, well… Continue reading

The Daily Wreath: Emphasize Your Assets!

As we head toward the new year and possibly entertain a little self-reflection about starting afresh, remember to emphasize your assets in your new ventures!  I think that is what was decided here…have… Continue reading

December Daily Wreath: Winter Twilight

You just never know what you might see…  I saw this pretty wreath while driving a tiny back road near the foothills.  The winter light and it’s shadows are so interesting together.  Winter… Continue reading

December Daily Wreath: Silver Bells

I like the silver bells against the rustic wood on this front door.  The size attracts my eye as well. Simple and pretty.

The Daily Wreath: Frosty Friday

A very frosty Friday as much fog has covered the Boise valley.  This wreath has an entirely new color and textured added – as the frost wraps it. The sun, although trying to… Continue reading

December Daily Wreath: Bring ‘Merry’ To The Outdoors

One thing I love about living in Boise is there’s no shortage of outdoor enthusiasts! It’s Holiday week, be merry in your outdoor endeavors!