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Gardener ‘Shape Up,’ Breakout Breakfasts

It’s all about breakfast on this triple-shot Friday!  The weekend is upon us and if you are in need of some new breakfast ideas, try one of these three fabulous starters. Since starting… Continue reading

Gardener ‘Shape Up’, Yummy Recipes That Take Advantage of The Garden

The 30 day ‘Gardener Shape Up, Being Mindful of Health’ is about to end.  I hope these posts have inspired you in some small way as you prepare to return to the garden… Continue reading

Gardener ‘Shape Up’, Stretch Your Best Tools

No doubt, strength is a good thing when getting into the garden after winter and taking on spring cleanup and new projects.  And if you’re still doing the exercises from ‘Gardener Must-Have: A… Continue reading

‘Being Mindful’, A Positive Outlook Is Contagious

Something a little different today for ‘Gardener Shape-Up, Being Mindful’… Many of you may already be aware Dr. Cohan and her viral video. I was not, until a few days ago. And in… Continue reading

Gardener ‘Shape Up’, Tomato Nutrition Is Tops!

It’s Friday (yay!) and possibly this weekend there will be some time to browse seed catalogs (sans cookies) and make some decisions on what to grow in the edible garden.  Tomatoes are a… Continue reading

Gardener Shape Up: Try A Green ‘Pick Me Up’

Well, it’s mid-week and if you are joining me for the 30 day ‘Gardener Shape Up – Being Mindful of Health,’ you might need an energizer to get over hump day.  Late afternoon… Continue reading

Gardener Must-Have: A Strong Back!

I’m starting out the 30 days of ‘Gardener Shape Up – Being Mindful of Health,’ with a post focused on a critical item for happy gardening – a strong back.  Well actually, knowing… Continue reading