Falling For The Fall Garden

Fall is glorious! The weather is at its finest in most places across our country and the garden changes into a new palette of colorful beauty.  I have always been a die-hard fan of summer but over the last several years I must admit a great growing affection for Fall.  There’s a chance that someday soon Fall may be my ‘favorite’ season!

The fall garden is sumptuous with all plant life showing off its final size and hues of the year.

My Rosa ‘Glauca’ went from this to this…

And so many others have changed into Fall ‘attire’…

The fall garden is savory with ripe vegetables and fruits filled with goodness, all-ready for consumption.

And then there are those that wait….and make you wait … for their most splendid display of abundance and beauty!

Falling for the Fall garden is easy to do!

How about you?  What is your favorite season in the garden?