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A LOVE(ly) Day Filled With Tulips

So last week was filled with red hearts, dark chocolates and Cupid’s mischievous arrow flying about…and Mother Nature was somehow struck along the way, for she showed some sweet love to us here… Continue reading

You Can Still Go For The Garlic!

I know it’s November and the leaves have fallen… Winter is so close that you can literally feel it getting closer each day. But you don’t have to let all of your planting… Continue reading

First Snow Inspires A Winter Haiku

First winter snow falls Dry trees breathe deeply with smile A joyous trip to Seattle is my tea A little winter Haiku for me today after awaking to the first snowfall in the… Continue reading

Reflecting and Resting…A Welcome Quiet Period

This is the time of year I am most reflective.  When people ask over the New Year Holidays about my resolutions I answer by saying, “I don’t know yet, I’ll figure them out… Continue reading

O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree

O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree How loyal are your leaves! You’re green not only in summertime, But while asleep during a cold winter O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree How loyal are… Continue reading