Hello and welcome to igardendaily!  My name is Andrea and I have been gardening in various climates of the U.S. for eighteen years.  I currently reside near Boise, Idaho and am learning more every day about gardening in the intermountain west.  This is a semi-arid climate (USDA Zone 6A/6B and Sunset 2B/3A) with long, warm, sunny days for most of the 150+ day growing season.  The really nice thing about growing in this warm, even hot, summer climate is that nighttime brings a significant “cool down” helping the vegetation survive the intense heat and sun.

The intermountain west has been somewhat overlooked as far as national gardening literature goes, so it is my goal that local folks, as well as others across the country, discover something new about the garden culture in this part of the western U.S.

On a personal note, I have gone through many phases as a gardener.  I started out obsessed with flowers…the next phase was an intense drive to create mixed borders of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals showcasing textures and four season interest.  Then came edible gardening, where I became passionate about growing as many fruits and vegetables as I could manage.  And currently, I have a renewed interest in garden structure and design.

I like to think of my journey as “the evolution of a daily gardener.”  The knowledge gained in each phase is with me and influences decisions every day.  My one constant is the intense motivation to grow and create. This feeling takes root in my soul, fueling my mind and body with an energy found nowhere else.

Now enough about me. I invite YOU, no matter what phase you are enjoying of your “garden evolution,” to share your thoughts and energy here with me at igardendaily.com