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Reflecting and Resting…A Welcome Quiet Period

This is the time of year I am most reflective.  When people ask over the New Year Holidays about my resolutions I answer by saying, “I don’t know yet, I’ll figure them out… Continue reading

Last out of the Garden, First in the Garden

November has brought a swift wrap-up to much of the garden.  The cold temperatures made sure all lingering warm-season edibles have bit the dust and the few cool-season edibles are no longer showing much… Continue reading

Returning To The Garden

As I noted earlier in August, it is hard to leave the garden in late summer during the prime harvest season if you are growing food.  A type of garden anxiety disorder can… Continue reading

From The Soil In San Francisco – Welcomed Guests or Unwanted Pests?

It’s summertime, the time of year during which we socialize often. Neighbors and friends gather for barbeques, families travel to visit other family members, and children congregate at each other’s houses in a… Continue reading

Friday “Top 10”

You know how things just kinda sneak up on you…like maybe a few too many trips to the ice cream store over the summer, a few too many pairs of cute flip-flops, or… Continue reading

Much a Do about Little Garden Mates

Let me start out with this disclaimer: This post is not photo-centric.  Instead,  it is a tale of what can happen when recruiting little garden mates. A few days ago I deemed it… Continue reading

Friday Fun: Planting in the Garden…

  Only one day left to enter igardendaily’s first fun giveaway!   Become an igardendaily Facebook Fan and get your name entered into a drawing to win a $15 gift card to Starbucks or Botanica,… Continue reading

Avert the Garden Mayhem of May! Dig, mix, plant…repeat

It’s an overwhelmingly busy time of year in the garden if you live in the Intermountain West.  The temps have climbed to a moderate 60-70ish most days and the soil is warm and… Continue reading

As Spring advances, remember the necessities

You know what I mean right?  To a have a fabulous home-cooked meal, you have to go grocery shopping.  Or to have a favorite pair of jeans ready for the weekend you have… Continue reading