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The Fall Garden, Both Fun and Fierce

Much time has passed since my last post on the August garden and during that time subtle changes each day have led to the arrival of –  “The Fall Garden.” The Fall Garden is… Continue reading

The May Garden Means Bodacious Blooms, Tasty Greens And So Much More…

I really can’t figure out which is my favorite month of the garden.   I Iove April because of all the wonderful plant awakenings (beautiful foliage everywhere) and the TULIPS! But now that it… Continue reading

‘A Look’ Into The Garden – Part II

The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) presents the Garden Tour in Boise and the surrounding area each June.  It is a one day event where multiple private residential gardens are open to the public for touring.  The gardenkeepers (homeowners)… Continue reading

How Do You Like Them Apples!

It’s time for an update on the apple espalier as the Fall season gets underway. As much as I hate to acknowledge there’s limited time to celebrate the last hurrahs of the growing… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Cherries Delight!

Friday Favorite: An Inspirational Garden in the Rugged Owyhee Mountains

The Owyhee Mountains are located in high altitude Intermountain desert where sagebrush and lava rock are aplenty.  It is a rugged area and you can tell this by taking a quick visual scan… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Lemon and Poppy

Lemon Bread Poppy

Friday “Top 10”

You know how things just kinda sneak up on you…like maybe a few too many trips to the ice cream store over the summer, a few too many pairs of cute flip-flops, or… Continue reading

Growing Cherries In Your Own Back Yard

The harvesting of sweet cherries is one of the premier growing/gardening experiences of June here in the Intermountain West (Zone 6).   And although the rest of the garden is showcasing beautiful flora and tasty produce,… Continue reading

Apple Espalier Makes The Day!

Another cool, blustery spring day makes one wonder when the “normal” temps are going to start for this year!  Many perennials are getting off to a slow start but the cool weather hasn’t… Continue reading