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Try A Terrarium For A Simple Winter Garden

It’s mid-January and life has returned to normal. The celebrations have been completed and now we get to return some time to the activities that provide motivation and enjoyment to our everyday life.  For those of us that… Continue reading

Gardener ‘Shape Up’ – It’s Not A Challenge, It’s About Being Mindful

It’s January and yes it’s the time of year that many of us are revitalizing our commitment to living healthy.  Although do you ever feel January seems to run counter intuitive to this… Continue reading

A LOVE(ly) Day Filled With Tulips

So last week was filled with red hearts, dark chocolates and Cupid’s mischievous arrow flying about…and Mother Nature was somehow struck along the way, for she showed some sweet love to us here… Continue reading

Fiji: A Feast For Winter Eyes

For those of you with a case of winter blahs… that are tired of looking at a white horizon with nothing but gray and brown shapes scattered about and dismayed each day wondering… Continue reading

My February Edible Garden

February is here and I’m getting excited as my seeds arrive, the 2012 growing season is about to begin.  Fresh ‘green goods’ from my garden no longer seem like a pipe dream as… Continue reading

First Snow Inspires A Winter Haiku

First winter snow falls Dry trees breathe deeply with smile A joyous trip to Seattle is my tea A little winter Haiku for me today after awaking to the first snowfall in the… Continue reading