Tips for Tulips

Here is my quick list of tips for growing great tulips.


Small shovel or hand trowel or bulb planter

Bone meal



(Tulip bulbs, of course)

Tip #1 – Tulips need well-drained soil.  Make sure your soil has suitable draining capabilities and if it doesn’t, amend it with compost or peat moss.

Tip #2 –  In USDA Zones (6-7), plant tulips from October through November.  In colder USDA zones (4-5) plant from September through October and in warmer zones (8-9) November through December.  Plant in zone 10, December through early January.  Note that in zones 8-10 you must refrigerate the bulbs for six to eight weeks to give them an artificial “cold time” before planting outside.

Tip #3 –  Once ready to plant tulips, dig holes 6 – 8 inches deep.  Do this when the soil temperature is cool – 60°F or cooler and contains a moderate amount of moisture.  The soil should be moist and able to make a ball if you squeeze it but otherwise crumbly and loose.  Do not plant tulips in very wet, lumpy soil!

If  pests such as voles are a problem in your area, plant tulips 8 inches deep, meaning 6 inches of soil covers the bulb.  This will help them stay out of the reach of voles.

Tip #4 – Once the hole is dug mix a little (1 – 2 tablespoons) of organic bone meal into the bottom of the hole along with a small amount of peat moss or compost.  Place the bulb pointed end up in the hole and cover with amended soil.

Tip #5 – Over the years I have decided the most successful place to plant tulips is nearby and around shrubs/trees.  The soil around these garden elements is usually not disturbed when working in the Spring and is refreshed with compost and mulch that is put around trees/shrubs each year.  Additionally, once the tulips have bloomed shrubs are filling out and cover the yellowing leaves of tulips.

When planting a grouping of tulips if you want them to all bloom at the same time, be sure to plant at exactly the same depth; this helps them bloom at the same time. With a shovel, dig out soil of an area to create a level planting base. Set bulbs into the planting bed, fertilize and then cover with excavated/amended soil.

Tip #6 –   In cold winter areas (zones 3-6), apply mulch a week or so after planting.  Once soil is settled, spread mulch to protect the bulbs. In mild-winter areas mulch after planting to help keep soil as cool as possible for as long as possible.


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