Returning To The Garden

As I noted earlier in August, it is hard to leave the garden in late summer during the prime harvest season if you are growing food.  A type of garden anxiety disorder can be ignited while you are busy running around getting everything to a point where it will be o.k. to leave if for a good bunch of time (no pun intended!).  However, what I have not mentioned as of yet is the absolute delight of returning to the garden after some time away.

Returning to the garden after a trip is always one of the most fun parts of coming home. (I mean the laundry is no day in the park right?)  You get to see what has transpired while you were away.  It can be “big” growth or new blooms or if you leave during harvest season, lots and lots of edibles ready for picking.  All of this is so rewarding to a gardener’s soul, at least to mine anyway, that it gives me the motivation needed to get my hands in the thick of it again.

Here are a few shots of new blooms and edibles that were waiting for me upon my return.  Now wouldn’t you find this rejuvenating too…all of these great happenings just waiting to say “Welcome Home.”

Hibiscus syriacus 'Marina'

Daylily 'South Seas' with Cotinus 'Golden Spirit'

More shots of these comb0s

Phlox paniculata 'Nicky'

Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' with Verbena bonariensis

Oriental Lillies

Raspberries Ready

Peppers getting some size...

Scarlet runner beans bursting about

A+ for artichokes

'Orange Blossom' tomato almost ready

How about you? What do you experience when you return to your garden after some time away?  (Of course, I know there’s always some extra weeds but they are no fun to show!!!)