‘First Cuts’ From the Garden

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and the weekend was even more beautiful because we enjoyed the ‘first cuts’ from the garden. Fresh greens…tender, light and so delicious.

Some of Johnny Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds arugula came from a small section of a spring pot I planted few weeks ago.  I like to mix edibles with ornamentals in pots and the arugula looks pretty with spring flowers and serves as a nice little flavor booster to the first salads.

The next cut was some Tom Thumb buttercrunch lettuce (lactuca sativa) from the raised bed garden. A few plants of this variety germinated last fall  due to my effort towards planting fall crops.  The little lettuces didn’t really do more than germinate last fall but they held on during the winter and began to grow in early March. They looked absolutely ready for harvest last weekend.

The final cut was the result of my seed planting efforts in early March and is Lettuce Rocky Top Mix from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I made a light-weight hoop house for this raised bed which kept the temperatures just a tiny bit warmer and protected young seedlings from the cold spring winds.  (The strawberries have loved it too!) This lettuce should probably be thinned but this time I just cut figuring I’ll get to it later.

I was pleasantly surprised at being able to harvest enough mixed greens to make a salad for six allowing my family and parents to enjoy the freshness.  I topped the greens with shavings of parmesan cheese, roasted beets and pistachios, then drizzled with an olive oil/balsamic salad dressing.  Delish!

How about you?  What are you harvesting in your garden?  What was or will be your ‘first cut’ this season?


6 thoughts on “‘First Cuts’ From the Garden

  1. Nice pictures of spring… You have exactly the same colander as me! 🙂 Can’t wait to fill mine with rocket and baby spinach! I’m a bit behind you as I only sowed some salad leaves and veg 10 days ago (all in containers). But if the warm weather (and mild nights) continue I should have some mixed salad leaves in a couple of weeks!

  2. I am amazed that you have harvested…our weather is not supporting much growth even under cover for 6 months..I hope it catches up with the warm weather this week…looking forward to garden fresh and first cuts..

  3. Wow, salad for 6–what a great harvest! How nice that the Tom Thumb held on through the winter. So far I have harvested a handful of spinach (enough for 2), and about a pint of strawberries.

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