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Step Into Spring With Strawberries – A Growing Guide For The Intermountain West

The official start of Spring is just a few weeks away and as the weather warms and spring fever strikes your soul, think about stepping into the gardening season with strawberries. Strawberries are… Continue reading

Try A Terrarium For A Simple Winter Garden

It’s mid-January and life has returned to normal. The celebrations have been completed and now we get to return some time to the activities that provide motivation and enjoyment to our everyday life.  For those of us that… Continue reading

Boise Garden Tour – Take a ‘Look’ at These Fabulous Edens (Part II)

The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) presents the Boise Garden Tour each June. It is a one day event where multiple private residential gardens are open to the public for touring. The garden keepers… Continue reading

Container Gardens – Old Can Become New

Container gardens are extremely fun if you like trying your hand at creating small vignettes of plants loaded with visual appeal. They provide a limited space with definite boundaries forcing gardeners to be… Continue reading

From The Soil In San Francisco – Welcomed Guests or Unwanted Pests?

It’s summertime, the time of year during which we socialize often. Neighbors and friends gather for barbeques, families travel to visit other family members, and children congregate at each other’s houses in a… Continue reading

I like Sambucus…

Say the word Sambucus…(sam-boo-kus)… Isn’t it just  fun to say?  I think so but maybe my judgement has been swayed a bit because Sambucus can be an amazing specimen in your garden. Sambucus (also… Continue reading

Great Gardening Weekend Satisfies the Soul

Wonderful weather can make a great gardening weekend!  Of course, there are lots of fun things to do during nice weather but this weekend was very productive in the garden.  I think because… Continue reading

Pot Up Edible Fare with Spring Flare

On this beautiful Spring day I decided to spend some time creating a container garden.  I absolutely love creating gardens in the confined space of a pot.  It is easier to see how… Continue reading