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October Gardening Under the Big, Bright Boise Sky

Oh my! If every month were like October, Boise would be a gardening mecca. With temps between 60-75° every day, no wind – just the occasional breeze, and a landscape so brilliantly colored that… Continue reading

San Francisco Spring Break – A Visit to the Japanese Tea Garden

I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to Spring Break. Get out-of-town. Why? Because it’s inevitable the weather will be better…most anywhere else. You may think this an exaggeration but… Continue reading

Are You “Fir” Real or “Faux” Fake?

To those that celebrate Christmas, do you still whole-heartedly stand by a “real” Christmas tree, say a Doug, Grand, Frazier or Noble fir?  Or, are you in the camp that faux is where… Continue reading

Friday “Top 10”

You know how things just kinda sneak up on you…like maybe a few too many trips to the ice cream store over the summer, a few too many pairs of cute flip-flops, or… Continue reading

Purple Rain, Purple Reign

Now maybe it’s because I was in high-school and college in the 80’s that certain Prince songs are permanently embedded in my brain, but the other day an old favorite popped into my… Continue reading

Growing Cherries In Your Own Back Yard

The harvesting of sweet cherries is one of the premier growing/gardening experiences of June here in the Intermountain West (Zone 6).   And although the rest of the garden is showcasing beautiful flora and tasty produce,… Continue reading

Fun Friday! Out Looking at Trees to Fill the “Pit”

We have our very own “pit”  and it is in the middle of our back yard.  No, it’s not some fancy fire pit, it is the traditional pit as described by Webster –… Continue reading