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Purple Rain, Purple Reign

Now maybe it’s because I was in high-school and college in the 80’s that certain Prince songs are permanently embedded in my brain, but the other day an old favorite popped into my… Continue reading

Seeding Ideas: From The Soil in San Francisco

Tribute Gardens Connect Us With ‘Loved Ones’ Gardening, for me, is a way to relax, to connect with nature, and to allow my mind to just “let go”.  When I’m gardening thoughts drift… Continue reading

Friday Favorite: Fresh Cuts From the Garden

Don’t you just love, love, love the first cuts from your garden!  Yesterday was my first cut of spinach and chives. The first harvest of spinach was just enough to add a little… Continue reading

As Spring advances, remember the necessities

You know what I mean right?  To a have a fabulous home-cooked meal, you have to go grocery shopping.  Or to have a favorite pair of jeans ready for the weekend you have… Continue reading