And its out like a LAMB!!!

Yes, its true!  March is out like a lamb here in the Intermountain West near Boise, Idaho.  And you may wonder why this is so exciting.  And I’ll tell you… it’s because like… Continue reading

Plant Some Poppies Today!

Do you want to work in your garden but the weather is not cooperating just yet?  Well, here’s something you can do that is easy and quick and will have big reward in… Continue reading

Seed starting – tips and techniques for great results (II)

You’re Back!  Super!  In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on seed starting equipment and seed planting.  First the equipment.  There are two primary pieces of equipment needed for successful seed starting/growing.  Shop… Continue reading

Seed Starting…tips and techniques for great results

I attended the Idaho Spring horticultural symposium here in Boise a couple of weeks ago and was particularly inspired by Willi Galloway of  She gave a presentation on seed starting and it… Continue reading

Fun Friday! Busy Building School Garden

Today I am volunteering at our neighborhood elementary school to ‘build out’ a raised bed vegetable and flower garden. Hope to share some of the highlights next week. Did you know anything raised… Continue reading

O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree

O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree How loyal are your leaves! You’re green not only in summertime, But while asleep during a cold winter O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree How loyal are… Continue reading

My first ‘Bloom Day’

Many garden bloggers have a “Bloom Day” where they feature what is blooming in their garden or area during a particular week.  Well, I’m excited to say that even though here in the… Continue reading

Curly W

Today I added some Curly W –  as in willow –  (salix matsudana ‘Tortuosa’ to be exact) to my collection of ‘green goods’ growing at my house.  I happened to be passing by… Continue reading

My Darling Spring

My Darling Spring!  I am so HAPPY to see you!  Now delight me with woven tapestries of color. Show me your shades of pink  (…blossoms of apple, dogwood, magnolia, plum, cherry)  that are… Continue reading