My first ‘Bloom Day’

Many garden bloggers have a “Bloom Day” where they feature what is blooming in their garden or area during a particular week.  Well, I’m excited to say that even though here in the Boise area Spring is just starting to rouse and rustle (pacing itself extremely slowly) I have a bloom to share!  Alas, my first “Bloom Day!”  And I’m featuring… (drum roll please) Hellebore ‘Blue Lady.’  Yes, Hellebores are tried and true cold weather bloomers showing up far before most ‘green goods’ possessing this kind of beauty.  They seem to command a premium price as far as perennials go but I think worth a bit extra since they “get the party started” and stick around for “last call” too.  Cheers to ‘Blue Lady’ for my first ‘Bloom Day!’

If you would like to share something blooming in your garden this week that offers some of the same characteristics (early bloomer, long bloomer) of Hellebores.  Send me a note with a photo.


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