Friday Flora: Drumstick Primrose

Look what I spotted yesterday …does this look like the typical spring primrose?  I didn’t think so either.   I kinda have the attitude “seen one primrose, seen ’em all,” but then I… Continue reading

Ms. Elberta Peach Makes a Scene!

Ms. Elberta Peach made a scene!  She went all out garnering as much attention as possible in her surrounding neighborhood.  She started by unfurling her delicate rosy-pink blossoms all at once and then… Continue reading

A ‘Save the Date’ for all gardeners!

A special day (actually could be a “holiday” for us that like nothing better than to have our hands in the dirt) is right around the corner…Earth Day!  It’s this Friday, April 22nd… Continue reading

Friday Favorite: Farmer’s Markets

They’re here, there, everywhere… offering loads of fresh produce, flora, and other artisanal food items.  Take a little time this weekend and check our your local Farmer’s Market to see what you might… Continue reading

Make some magic…plant peas with pals

Gardening with children is both fun and rewarding!  I have noticed many children have a fascination with ‘magic seeds’ (er… beans anyway) and planting seeds to grow their very own apple, cherry, whatever-they-love-to-eat… Continue reading

Raise what you sow…it’s a great way to go!

Raised beds…consider them for this garden season.  They offer many advantages when growing ‘green goods’ such as vegetables, herbs or flowers.  The two key advantages raised beds offer are  1) they can be… Continue reading

Friday Flora: Why Blue?

Are you like me and love blue flowers in the garden?  If so, why? Is it because there are not SO many and they are a bit of a novelty?  Or is it… Continue reading

Seed Starting – Tips and Techniques (Part III)

It’s been a week since I’ve written about seed starting basics and hopefully you’ve enjoyed some successful growing endeavors and seeds have begun to sprout!  If so, you probably noticed some seeds germinating… Continue reading

Don’t Forget to add ‘Sizzle’ and ‘Swank’ to your Summer Garden

With April upon us, the garden checklist begins to grow.  There are not only new projects we are excited to start but all the general care items that come due this time of… Continue reading

Friday Fun! Signs of Spring…Idaho Botanical Garden…

Spring is beginning to show its fresh-grown line  at the Idaho Botanical Garden.  Make a visit to a local botanical garden and take in some beauty…and breathe…aaahhhh            … Continue reading