My Darling Spring

My Darling Spring!  I am so HAPPY to see you!  Now delight me with woven tapestries of color. Show me your shades of pink  (…blossoms of apple, dogwood, magnolia, plum, cherry)  that are the anchors of your show.  Send out your satiny collection of early, double, Darwin, parrot, fringed tulips with their seductive shades of color that are the “must haves” of your fresh-grown line. Of course, no ensemble is complete without military-inspired pieces so stand at lovely attention all daffodils. And forget-me-not for a single second your entourage of well executed harmonies –  drifts of euphorbia, wind flower, allium, hellebore, iris, viola, columbine, poppy, heuchera and so many more…  All this plus the ultimate scene-stealer that combines luxury and timelessness like no other  – Queen P (as in Peony).

Oh Spring, your truly endless creativity with color schemes, textures and design provide a ‘couture’ I cannot resist! Put me down for several new items!

Courtesy of UBC Botanical Garden