A ‘Save the Date’ for all gardeners!

A special day (actually could be a “holiday” for us that like nothing better than to have our hands in the dirt) is right around the corner…Earth Day!  It’s this Friday, April 22nd so there is less than four days to plan something special for this important day.

By NASA/ GSFC/ NOAA/ USGS, via Wikimedia Commons

If like me, you always want to do something “more” that conveys respect and appreciation for our natural environment on this day, but it seems like every year it passes by before I know it and then I vow to do something extra the next year…and thus goes the cycle.  However, this year I’m breaking the cycle!  This year I am planning well-ahead (four days) to do something out of my routine in celebration of earth day.

Note I said something “more” – for many of us gardeners already do a lot of reusing (last year’s plastic pots for this year’s cuttings and seedlings), recycling (any sort of composting) and planting of green goods (trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables helping improve air quality, bee and bird habitats).  But I’m talking about doing something beyond my normal interests as a gardener.

Here’s what I’ve come up with… picking up wind-strewn trash in our neighborhood, skipping a driving trip to the gym by going for a run and lastly calling mail order companies whose catalog I no longer wish to receive to remove my name from the mailing list, i.e., cutting down on my junk mail.   My children are going to join in too and either walk or ride bike to and from school.  And of course, if I have enough time I am going to prepare a site for that new tree I have been planning to get!

How about you?  Have you already been considering a special activity to recognize earth day?  If so, please share your well-planned ideas so others can be both envious and motivated!  If not, consider this your ‘Save the Date’ notice and get to thinking about what you might like to do this year on Earth Day.