Ms. Elberta Peach Makes a Scene!

Ms. Elberta Peach made a scene!  She went all out garnering as much attention as possible in her surrounding neighborhood.  She started by unfurling her delicate rosy-pink blossoms all at once and then perfuming the vicinity with a scent as sweet as Chanel No. 5!  The neighbors, although they are few (Mr. Rhubarb, The Raspberry Clan and some new kids named Sugar, Snap and Peas), were stunned.  They didn’t dare challenge Ms. Elberta in all her glory.  They kindly obliged her need for compliment and Ms. Elberta has been carrying on with this show for days.  I swear she was thoroughly pleased when I strolled up with a lens in hand and I think I heard her whisper, “Now isn’t this just peachy keen!”

In case you are wondering, Ms. Elberta Peach is a newcomer to the northwestern corner of my garden.  I bought her last year from a small, nondescript nursery near my house for $20.  The 5′ tall tree came in a large (but liftable) black plastic pot.  I planted Ms. Elberta  last June in a semi wind-protected area, set up an automatic drip waterer and admired her deep green, elongated leaves.

I have not had a peach tree before so I was pleasantly surprised this spring when I realized the young tree had a healthy amount of blossoms ready to open.  The lovely fragrance is an additional bonus.  I might even hope for a peach or two! I’ll keep you posted…

Personal Stats of Ms. Elberta Peach

Botanical name: Prunus persica

 Zones: 5-9

Size: Semi-Dwarf

Mature Height: Around 10 feet

Mature Width: Around 10-12 feet

Fruit: Semi-dwarf Elberta produces the same size fruit as standard trees and does not need a pollinator.  It is self-fruitful and bears wonderful tasting peaches usually within 2-3 years.  Due to their three season interest and small size they can be an ideal addition to small spaces. Note: Even though self-pollinating, will produce more if two are planted. 

Ripening Date:  August-Early September

Sun Level:  Full Sun to Partial

Soil: Adaptable

Water: Once established, moderate

In case any of you are inspired by Ms. Elberta Peach I have included this video on how to plant a peach tree.  I found this video to be detailed and correct as far as the method I use for planting a fruit tree.

One step that I incorporate (that is not mentioned in the video) is to pour some mycorrhizal treatment over the rootball before planting.  The mycorrhizal fungi is a root stimulator and helps the tree take in more nutrients and moisture.  It can be found at most any nursery or garden store.  Otherwise, this video is great and I think you’ll enjoy a bit of humor too as the dog(s) can’t seem to stay out of the camera!


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