Friday Favorite: Farmer’s Markets

They’re here, there, everywhere…

offering loads of fresh produce, flora, and other artisanal food items.  Take a little time this weekend and check our your local Farmer’s Market to see what you might discover.  Bet you’ll find something new to try and your local farmers will love seeing your smiling face.  It’s been a long winter for all of us!

If you are in the Boise area check out Capital City Public Market on 8th St. and Eagle Saturday Market at Heritage Park in Eagle.  Both open at 9:00 a.m.  Let the “freshness” begin!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Farmer’s Markets

  1. Jenny

    Hello, do u have any recommendations for organic method of controlling insects? My friend’s cabbage in her garden have some little bug eating holes in the leaves?? What could that b?

    1. Hi Jenny, There are several things your friend could do to treat the cabbage looper worm pests that are eating the cabbage. Here is a link to learn more about the lifecycle of cabbage worms – The best control method is Floating Row Covers. They are a light-weight “material” that you cover the plants with to keep cabbage loopers off them. Floating row covers can be left on all season since you can water right through them and they transmit about 85% of the light to your plants. They also improve humidity and moisture retention. If the worm population is small another effective control is to hand pick them from the plants and destroy them. Serious infestations may require Bt (bacilulus thuringiensis) which is a bacteria that will kill cabbage worms without harming beneficial insects, birds, pets of other life in the garden, and is harmless to man. She can visit a local garden center for a product containing Bt to treat cabbage worm infestations. Another option to Bt is spraying insecticidal soap on the underside of the leaves. This will help control the cabbage looper and other cabbage worm pests but it is not as effective as Bt.

    1. Yes, that would be nice. Did you hear the report on the local news about how the Farmer’s markets are expanding? There are several new ones in the general area this year. I heard it on BSU Radio. I think there is a listing of them on the BSU radio website.

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