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Hot Color In The August Garden

Ooohh, there is hot color in the garden right now! Both blooms and bounty are shades of red, orange and yellow with a measure of plum and violet thrown into the mix. My… Continue reading

For the Love of Lilies

Oriental lilies are a must-have in my garden.  Visually, they are foot traffic stoppers and they burn their fragrance lamps from the time the first blossom opens until the last petal falls. Lilies… Continue reading

Raspberry Riches

A series on the Fall garden could never be complete without mentioning ever-bearing raspberries. My raspberries have become RICH… in color, taste and volume and it’s been amazing. I have three raspberry bushes… Continue reading

Tasty, Ripe, Homegrown Tomatoes… A Force To Be Dealt With?

It’s that time of year when the tomato plants (or seeds) you carefully selected, planted, supported and watered are coming into their FULL bounty – sharing their glorious fruits bowl after bowl day… Continue reading

A Pickin’ and A Grinin’ Pacific Northwest Style

During our recent visit to the greater Portland, Oregon area we had the opportunity to go blueberry picking.  It was in our favor that the Western states experienced a very cool spring and… Continue reading

Returning To The Garden

As I noted earlier in August, it is hard to leave the garden in late summer during the prime harvest season if you are growing food.  A type of garden anxiety disorder can… Continue reading

Getting Vacation-Ready May Cause Temporary Gardener Insanity

Taking a 10 day trip in the middle of the summer harvest season can be cause for a little craziness in a gardener. Now, I know it’s a privilege to go on vacation… Continue reading

Are You Coneflower Cool?

During the hot summer months here in the Intermountain West there are few plants that can take the hours of high heat and dry air and still look absolutely cool!  In my garden… Continue reading

Handful of This, Handful of That

The warm season harvest has begun! Actually, it began last week right at the end of July and now I am so distracted by my crops that every time I go out to… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Cherries Delight!