For the Love of Lilies

Oriental lilies are a must-have in my garden.  Visually, they are foot traffic stoppers and they burn their fragrance lamps from the time the first blossom opens until the last petal falls.

Orienpet Lily ‘Silk Road’ about to bloom

Lilies bid ‘good morning’, ‘good day’, and  ‘good evening’ like no other…Their lovely sweet scent lightly covers the entire garden in late July and early August.

The oriental lilies I’m growing now are ‘Muscadet’ and ‘Casablanca’.

Oriental lily ‘Muscadet’ beginning to bloom
Oriental lily ‘Casablanca’ after a week of bloom

I can’t stand to keep lilies outside-only because they are such a favorite. So I cut a few to enjoy their graceful presence and pleasant perfume inside as well.

Orienpet lily ‘Silk Road’ is a new addition to my garden this year.

It is stunning.

Orienpet lilies are hybrids of crossing Oriental and Trumpet lilies.  The idea has been to combine the best features of the two groups of lilies – fragrance, large flowers, more cold and heat tolerance and sturdy garden performance.

I’ve been impressed with the color, size and fragrance of ‘Silk Road’ especially since I just planted the bulbs last March.  I picked mine  up from B&D lilies at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. There are several vendors offering a good selection of Orienpets.  I’m planning to add more to my garden this year!

How about you?  Do you love lilies?  Have you already added Orienpets to your garden?  Do you have a favorite photo from this post?  I’d like to hear what you have to say.

A few vendors for Orienpet lilies:

B&D Lillies,  The Lily GardenWhite Flower FarmJohnny Scheeper, Inc.The Lily Flower Store


11 thoughts on “For the Love of Lilies

      1. Susan

        I live in zone 3, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and they have started to invade our lillies, devouring from top to bottom. Look similar to a lady bug without the spots.

  1. beautiful, I love Lily, but don’t have enought sun in my garden to nurture most flower plants. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. This gives me a chance to find yours. I like your articles.

  2. Casa Blanca & Muscadet have been my best performers. Stargazer was almost stunted by comparison. Mine multiplied year after year, but then I divided and moved them, which resulted in quite a setback. Time to add more. My faves of your photos are the one of Muscadet beginning to open (the play of light and shadow) and the final shot (an almost O’Keefe-like close-up).

  3. Yes! I love orienpets. I have Lavon in my garden. She picks up all the creamy yellows, corals, and burgundies throughout the garden… and the scent!

  4. I have Casablanca and love the pure white flower that rises so tall above the others. Have you ever been dusted with lily pollen? It’s hard to get that stain out! Lilies are terrific though. I wish I had a whole bed of them instead of just one!

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