The Daily Wreath: Keeping It Classy

I love the mixture of materials at this front door and how it projects such a classy impression. Maybe something good to keep in mind this Christmas holiday week…you can mix it up a lot of different ways but always keep it classy friends!  🙂

December Daily Wreath: Artistic Flair

A bit off shape today but still on topic, I decided to share this most lovely Holiday decor created by fellow gardening friend, author, speaker - Mary Ann Newcomer.   Mary Ann, quite the creative type, did what gardener's do, added natural elements such as twigs and locust pods to this evergreen base.  Then, a …

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The Daily Wreath: Winter

Winter has arrived  in the Northern Hemisphere.  The shortest day and longest night is upon us.   And in my area, the arrival of many inches of new snow reinforces the arrival of the season. This little wreath represents the Winter Solstice for me.  Dreamy blue and silver hues against darkness, evergreen structure in the …

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