The Daily Wreath: Cheerful

WR2Monday is over.  Time to get on an upward swing for the week.  Love the ascending architecture on this little house.  Cheery little wreath too.



11 thoughts on “The Daily Wreath: Cheerful

  1. Not disappointed at all! It just looked kind of Dutch! and no, I have never been, but hope to visit someday – – and recently my sister-n-law was just noting that she wants to visit some of these “less popular” states – that also have a lot to offer – and I know for us, we have worn out part of the highway going down to Florida and would like to visit other states –(and my hubby wants to hit up the northwest – esp. Portland).

    Also, I just happened to read something about Idaho – and a few other states – cannot recall “where” – but they said that those states are actually more “solid” after the 2008 crash and housing mess – because they did not do the questionable money stuff that states like AZ, FL, and NV did during the pre 08 bubble. thought that was interesting…

    anyhow, is there good skiing in Boise?

    1. Ok, just glad you were not disappointed! 🙂 For skiing, some years are great and other years not so much just depending on the amount of snow we get. What is great about skiing in our area is that it is convenient and inexpensive and there are several choices some within 30 minutes, others and hour or so away. I definitely recommend Portland. I lived there for 7 years. It is a great city and a beautiful area. A gardener’s dream! The west is beautiful but every area has it’s special something. I lived in Chester county PA for several years and it was great!

      1. PA? wow – you have been coast to coast! well I am glad that I found your blog this month – and truly what great idea to show the art and beauty of these wreaths –

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