December Daily Wreath: Triple Shot Friday


It’s a triple shot Friday! With the holiday buzz everywhere you go, do you feel like partaking in a triple shot of something today? Pick your merriment (whatever it may be) and enjoy. It’s Friday after all.


6 thoughts on “December Daily Wreath: Triple Shot Friday

  1. the triple shot was fun, but you know, this picture really spoke to me because of the scenic background captured in the window reflection. I know many of your pics have a bit of this, but this one is extra special because it calmly screams winter – and then look how the tree is almost perfectly centered in the middle (and then you get a hint of interior too – with the chair and back window) – well it looks like another triple shot was the wreaths – the background and the interior – lol –

      1. I love espresso from time to time – but not from Starbucks ever – lol – but my favorite ever was some Italian espresso I had each morning while visiting Canada – with a lemon twist added! Quite unique. Do you make yours at home? I just saw that Keurig has a new model just for home capps and espressos – hmmmm

  2. Andrea – I was wondering if you were going to maybe do “triple shot Friday” for the upcoming year of 2014 – and maybe I am suggesting it – because if you do, I will follow and do something each week- with a triple shot on Fridays.
    – just a thought – but I know many people like weekly themes – and this was such a good one.

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