Back to school? Naw, just the Garden!

No, it’s not time to start thinking about “Back to School” but it is time to get a look at a newly sprouted school garden.  This spring my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher (Mrs.… Continue reading

Friday Favorite: Rhubarbtinis for celebrating…Summer of course!

Summer = celebrating the outdoors!  There’s no end to the things you can do. Whether it be barbecuing, boating, camping, golfing, hiking, biking, swimming, rafting or even just shading it’s a special time to… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Lemon and Poppy

Lemon Bread Poppy

Friday “Top 10”

You know how things just kinda sneak up on you…like maybe a few too many trips to the ice cream store over the summer, a few too many pairs of cute flip-flops, or… Continue reading

Early Morning Picks, Puzzling Peas and Smashing Strawberries

This morning it was time to get back into the garden to see what had transpired over the long Holiday weekend.  Since we’ve had high heat (upper 90’s) for almost a week I… Continue reading

I like Sambucus…

Say the word Sambucus…(sam-boo-kus)… Isn’t it just  fun to say?  I think so but maybe my judgement has been swayed a bit because Sambucus can be an amazing specimen in your garden. Sambucus (also… Continue reading

Reds, Greens and Super Supper Salads

The food garden is starting to pick up the pace with the arrival of consistently warm Summer weather.  The reds are looking beautiful… Some are on their way out (bye, bye, radishes)  while… Continue reading

Purple Rain, Purple Reign

Now maybe it’s because I was in high-school and college in the 80’s that certain Prince songs are permanently embedded in my brain, but the other day an old favorite popped into my… Continue reading

Seeding Ideas: From The Soil in San Francisco

Tribute Gardens Connect Us With ‘Loved Ones’ Gardening, for me, is a way to relax, to connect with nature, and to allow my mind to just “let go”.  When I’m gardening thoughts drift… Continue reading

Growing Cherries In Your Own Back Yard

The harvesting of sweet cherries is one of the premier growing/gardening experiences of June here in the Intermountain West (Zone 6).   And although the rest of the garden is showcasing beautiful flora and tasty produce,… Continue reading