Growing Cherries In Your Own Back Yard

The harvesting of sweet cherries is one of the premier growing/gardening experiences of June here in the Intermountain West (Zone 6).   And although the rest of the garden is showcasing beautiful flora and tasty produce, local cherries, being one of the starlets of June, steal the show!

I don’t grow my own cherries yet but I have plans… I had the opportunity recently to talk with a local expert on cherry production and found out I could grow some of the finest tasting cherries in a variety of methods; espalier, container or very dwarf tree. Learning these things was very motivating and as a gardener I can’t help but want to add one of these beautiful and bountiful trees to my garden.

If you want to learn more about growing cherries (suitable for zones 4-9) in your own backyard, check out my article on Northwest Food News.  I promise you’ll be considering growing your own cherries too!


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