Returning To The Garden

As I noted earlier in August, it is hard to leave the garden in late summer during the prime harvest season if you are growing food.  A type of garden anxiety disorder can be ignited while you are busy running around getting everything to a point where it will be o.k. to leave if for …

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Tulip Tales, Textures and Tapestries

I have to say it can't be officially Spring until the tulips arrive!  No matter where you live, it just seems like Spring is "official" once you spot the gorgeous cup-shaped blooms of brilliantly colored tulips swaying in the breeze.  Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers and in-part it is because you never …

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Don’t Forget to add ‘Sizzle’ and ‘Swank’ to your Summer Garden

With April upon us, the garden checklist begins to grow.  There are not only new projects we are excited to start but all the general care items that come due this time of year.  Cleaning out winter debris from beds and boxes, pruning dead or diseased branches from trees/shrubs, getting the grass in shape, tending seedlings, …

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