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Seedy Ideas….

It’s time. Time to start the forward motion for a gorgeous and productive garden in 2012. First up, is selecting seeds. I’ve been browsing the offerings from my favorite suppliers as well as… Continue reading

Let the Bells of Ireland Sing!

Ever mistaken a desired flower for a weed?  I have a bit of a story to tell regarding  Moluccella laevis a.k.a. ‘Bells of Ireland’.  Just in case you are not familiar with ‘Bells… Continue reading

Great Gardening Weekend Satisfies the Soul

Wonderful weather can make a great gardening weekend!  Of course, there are lots of fun things to do during nice weather but this weekend was very productive in the garden.  I think because… Continue reading

Avert the Garden Mayhem of May! Dig, mix, plant…repeat

It’s an overwhelmingly busy time of year in the garden if you live in the Intermountain West.  The temps have climbed to a moderate 60-70ish most days and the soil is warm and… Continue reading

Need to HO or PU?

Remember the seeds we labored over a few weeks back…the ones started inside to get a head start on the growing season.  Well, if all has been growing well  it is probably time… Continue reading

Make some magic…plant peas with pals

Gardening with children is both fun and rewarding!  I have noticed many children have a fascination with ‘magic seeds’ (er… beans anyway) and planting seeds to grow their very own apple, cherry, whatever-they-love-to-eat… Continue reading

Plant Some Poppies Today!

Do you want to work in your garden but the weather is not cooperating just yet?  Well, here’s something you can do that is easy and quick and will have big reward in… Continue reading

Seed starting – tips and techniques for great results (II)

You’re Back!  Super!  In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on seed starting equipment and seed planting.  First the equipment.  There are two primary pieces of equipment needed for successful seed starting/growing.  Shop… Continue reading