How Do You Like Them Apples!

It's time for an update on the apple espalier as the Fall season gets underway. As much as I hate to acknowledge there's limited time to celebrate the last hurrahs of the growing season in my zone 6 garden I must start somewhere...and what could be better than starting with the Kings of Fall -Apples! …

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Friday “Top 10”

You know how things just kinda sneak up on maybe a few too many trips to the ice cream store over the summer, a few too many pairs of cute flip-flops, or even a few too many 50% off annuals and discounted perennials. Well, when you spend a few too many days out of …

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Apple Espalier Makes The Day!

Another cool, blustery spring day makes one wonder when the "normal" temps are going to start for this year!  Many perennials are getting off to a slow start but the cool weather hasn't hindered my apple espalier (pronounced es-PAL-yay) one bit.  The Fuji apple tree has doubled, maybe tripled its blossoms this year making a …

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