Reflecting and Resting…A Welcome Quiet Period

This is the time of year I am most reflective.  When people ask over the New Year Holidays about my resolutions I answer by saying, “I don’t know yet, I’ll figure them out in January.”

Throughout this month I like to reflect on the events and experiences of the previous year while thinking forward about changes to cultivate and experiences to be had in the new year. Thinking forward to the new year in a reflective state of mind might sound contradictory but somehow it’s oddly satisfying.

And I’m resting…sort of… (although I am still bumping-up the workouts to bump-off the extra bumps resulting from the holidays)

But seriously, the shorter days with less light put me in a restful mood.  I am resting because of all the fun social celebrations that took place, because this is the month with the least garden activities and because I feel a need to gather soulful, creative energy.  As I quietly think of all the activities I get to engage in during the coming months there is a realization that now is the time to take deep breaths and focus on my well-being as a whole.

For gardening in particular, the new year means a new growing season and for garden-crazies like me a new-found sense of excitement and hope. I find myself looking through photos of the natural world from trips we’ve taken the previous year and thinking about how I can incorporate some elements of the natural world’s beauty into my controlled, man-made environment. I love to take photos of the places we visit and use them as potential inspiration…the colors, textures, forms…

So with a cup of hot tea, some books and some photos it’s a good time to do as the old adage says – ‘Stop and smell the roses.’  And I’m thinking for me it means the roses of life and the year to come… since it is still January you know!

How about you?  How do you feel at the beginning of the new year?  Does January bring any changes to your behavior or lifestyle?  If living in a cold zone, how do you get your gardening fix or keep your gardening fascination?