A LOVE(ly) Day Filled With Tulips

DSC_0043So last week was filled with red hearts, dark chocolates and Cupid’s mischievous arrow flying about…and Mother Nature was somehow struck along the way, for she showed some sweet love to us here in the Boise valley and the thermometer topped out in the mid-50s for several days in a row!

Of course, this change in weather made my gardening DNA leap out of dormancy and I was outside poking around thinking about what could be done in the garden.

It didn’t take long for me to find something to do, for as I was out searching the garage for tools and checking on tender perennials that are overwintering, I discovered a bunch of tulip bulbs that never got in the ground!

Forget about getting a head start on Spring, I still have Fall gardening to catch up on!

Tul1Many of the tulips were attempting to put out their first sprouts and there were no signs of mold or rot on them. Since they had definitely gone through enough of a “chilling period” being in my garage the last 3 months, I drug out several pots, purchased some potting soil and “potted up” to my heart’s content on my Valentines’ day.

Tul2After planting, I watered them in and set the pots in a slightly protected southern area and fingers crossed – they’ll forgive my tardiness and show me some love this Spring with bountiful blooms glistening violet and white.

Tulip 'Purple Prince'

Tulip ‘Purple Prince’

Tulip 'Hakuun'

Tulip ‘Hakuun’

I’ve not tried tulips to this extent before so I’m unsure of what to expect. However, I discovered I’m not the only one doing this experiment. Last week at Master Gardener class, the instructor asked if anyone attempted any planting during the nice weather.

I embarrassingly shared I planted tulips and to my surprise many others chimed in saying they did the same thing!

I was not alone in my discovery of bulbs that should have been sunk in the ground last fall OR my heartfelt desire to plant something during Mother Nature’s sweet surprise of unseasonable weather.

How about you? Do you experience a strong desire to plant or “garden” during a few days of winter that are above normal temps? Have you ever tried planting tulips very late in pots or otherwise? If so, was it successful?