First Snow Inspires A Winter Haiku

First winter snow falls
 Dry trees breathe deeply with smile
 A joyous trip to Seattle is my tea

A little winter Haiku for me today after awaking to the first snowfall in the Boise area.  And yes, the trees and other plants in the garden are happy today because it has been such a dry winter.

When temps are below freezing every night and the air is very dry with little moisture anywhere, it is really tough on tree/plant health.  So much so, that just last week one of the local nurseries, Franz Witte, put out a notice letting customers know they should start winter watering all evergreens and deciduous plants that were recently planted (1-2 years).

Thankfully Mother Nature has taken care of this before I had to go out and find a hose and sprinkler, get a faucet turned on, water and then drain the hose before the temps fell back to freezing. Whew, thanks again Mother N!

Maybe you are wondering about the last line of my is in reference to my upcoming getaway to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle during February.  I’m so excited to go to this show again!  The display gardens and seminars are fantastic and there is a plethora of new ideas and information to absorb.

This show is a great place to spend time with gardening friends, learn from the pros and buy some fantastic plants!  The only downside is that this weekend full of Spring makes it hard to come back to Zone 6 and eight more weeks of winter weather!

If interested in attending check out the website where you will find descriptions of display gardens, a seminar schedule, travel packages and more.

Drop me a line if you decide to attend, maybe we’ll run onto each when rushing for a new, ‘must-have’ garden delight!