Fiji: A Feast For Winter Eyes

For those of you with a case of winter blahs… that are tired of looking at a white horizon with nothing but gray and brown shapes scattered about and dismayed each day wondering if the sun will break through the hazy fog, here’s a bit of the Fiji islands to feast your eyes upon!  (I promise the next 2 minutes will be much more fun than watching snow melt and then freeze again!)

A shot from the seaplane of the amazing reef system around the islands

It is no secret, I’m not a fan of mighty cold. So luckily this January, which was the coldest in about 20 years in the Boise valley, I was able to escape part of winter’s freeze and enjoy the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Fiji islands warmed my body, heart and soul with its beautiful waters, embracing people and village living. It is well worth the long trip to this remote part of the world to experience the beauty and culture.

The one small village (approx 400 people) of Yageta.
A goodbye shot with some of our favorite hosts

Click below to take a little ‘mental vacation’ today and get some gorgeous color inspirations for your garden or home compliments of Mother Nature via the Fiji Islands.

Just in case anyone is curious, most of the photos were taken on or near Yageta, one of the islands in the Yasawa Group of Fiji.  Vinaka! ~ Thank you! 


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