‘Being Mindful’, A Positive Outlook Is Contagious

Something a little different today for ‘Gardener Shape-Up, Being Mindful’

Many of you may already be aware Dr. Cohan and her viral video. I was not, until a few days ago. And in the case that some of you may have also missed it, I’ve decide to share.

I was driving in the car and heard an interview with this lady, Dr. Deborah Cohan, about how she is recovering from a double mastectomy and is now starting chemotherapy.  As the interview went on I learned a bit about this woman…her demeanor through the voice and speaking style, personality through her choice of words and outlook on life through her unique way of facing fear and challenge.

Dr. Cohan faced down her fear of an invasive mastectomy surgery by having a ‘dance party’ (that included all attending medical staff) right before lying down on the surgical table. In this interview, she told of the incredible feeling dancing gives her, how she loves to see others dance, “be in their bodies,” and how this experience enabled her to deactivate feelings relating to fear. Her dancing moved out fear making room for joy and positive contentment to wash through her right before the surgery.

Wow! Strength and courage.

Dr. Cohan had asked others to join her dance party (via her CaringBridge site) at the exact moment the music began and if inclined to send her a photo or short video clip. She had, “visions of a healing video montage,” that would undoubtedly bring enjoyment and positive energy to her during recovery and the chemotherapy follow-up.

The world responded to this woman’s courage. She heard from many people of different walks of life, different ages, different cultures etc… And during the interview, as she discussed some of these responses, I heard something that made an impression and is why I am sharing it here.

You see, her perspective on the incredible amount of responses was not how SHE, (as in her individual, unique self) inspired people (although as you can imagine many told her she had).

Instead, she believes people were moved by a positive outlook. They were able to connect with something inside of themselves seeing the positive outlook she projected. They saw a bit of them self in her projection and the connection took root compelling them to respond. Dr. Cohan’s humble attitude and eloquent manner of conveying – the projection of a positive outlook is catching to people far and wide- was what I heard that day and it stuck.

Many of us are in the mode of reflecting and/or being mindful of health and life, so consider this message about the impact of a positive outlook… Engage in activities that enable you to feel it and project it.  Whether it be dancing, gardening, creating, spending time with family/friends, exercising, meditating, praying, traveling, cooking, etc… a positive outlook is contagious to others and that’s a good thing for our world.

Dr. Cohan’s courage has truly been felt by many. She was chosen by Bing as one of 2013’s Most Heroic Woman.


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