December Daily Wreath: Silver Bells

I like the silver bells against the rustic wood on this front door.  The size attracts my eye as well. Simple and pretty.

The Daily Wreath: Frosty Friday

A very frosty Friday as much fog has covered the Boise valley.  This wreath has an entirely new color and textured added - as the frost wraps it. The sun, although trying to break through, is able to cast just a milky light so far.  Pretty.  Frosty. Friday.  Keep warm.

The Daily Wreath: Winter

Winter has arrived  in the Northern Hemisphere.  The shortest day and longest night is upon us.   And in my area, the arrival of many inches of new snow reinforces the arrival of the season. This little wreath represents the Winter Solstice for me.  Dreamy blue and silver hues against darkness, evergreen structure in the …

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