Boise Garden Tour – Take a ‘Look’ at These Fabulous Edens (Part II)

The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) presents the Boise Garden Tour each June. It is a one day event where multiple private residential gardens are open to the public for touring. The garden keepers (homeowners) are present during the tour and you can visit with them about their garden and gardening experiences. A fun day I must say!

This is Part II of my experience visiting the gardens on the tour. These two gardens were a delight to discover. Take a look to see if you discover something inspirational for your outdoor space. Of course, this is a limited view that does not capture all of the amazing features and personality of the gardens, but I have selected some photos that I believe show a bit of their stand-out character and charm. By the way, the names are self-titled, based on my impressions. 🙂

‘Powerful Blooms Amidst A Soulful Sanctuary’ –  One of my first impressions of this garden was how intimately it is joined to the house. The architecture of the home and the drifting garden filled with ‘summery’ hues made me think “southern living happens here.” You know, no rushing here, there, everywhere but instead reading, relaxing, talking and enjoying the long summer days.



Look again, folks on the tour could feel the vibe, lingering and chatting, taking it all in. 🙂

After resting my eyes on the lovely porch, I walk down a gorgeous path (my favorite path of the day) leading to the backyard. I can’t help but notice two trees, one small, one large, both beautiful.

BGTHM303BGS3bc1 I believe the small one is a type of Dogwood and  the large one a type of Oak.

The meditation garden gets me immediately upon entering the backyard. It is so pretty and welcoming and the scale is perfect for one (maybe two) to be comfortable.



Moving beyond the meditation area I see colorful container plantings and a cute edible space. There is lots of flower power here with roses, lilies, daylilies, dahlias and hydrangeas anchoring the summer garden. But even with all of this color, I find the space restful and relaxing. It must be the way lots of green textures are woven through the garden.






It’s hard to leave this garden but with a fresh cup of lemonade in hand I head to the next garden still wondering what all of the dahlias will look like when they bloom. As Ciscoe would say ‘Oh, la, la!’

‘Classy Hideaway Haven’ – To get to this garden…pass by another gorgeous oak tree and then walk down a few slightly tricky stone steps and find a large, beautiful paver patio. This garden is unique because it is slightly subset, providing an awesome sense of privacy. A beautiful stone wall that surrounds this area and a simple, but very classic fountain area are the first features I notice.




Taking a bit more in, I find it interesting to view plantings from a different perspective as they are elevated due to the wall. Great colors and textures have been used in the mature plantings around this space.


The garden really boasts classic appeal and when the garden keeper offers a small spot of wine, we (my mom and I) can’t resist.  We sit for a bit noticing the roses and hollyhocks and how they work so well with the style and colors of the home. This is a double delight because as it turns out, the garden keeper is also the owner of Idaho’s own Fraser Wines and his wine is one of my favorites!

BGTH4a1The patio is multi-level and at the next level, more beautifully colored container gardens await along with this lovely clematis that is a focal point from the backdoor of the home.



A hidden path is discovered and along the way Zinnia plantings that will take this area to ‘bloomicious’ in the next few weeks.


I loved the use of classic materials in this garden and it’s timeless appeal. The multi-level patio and overall ambience is an entertainer’s delight!  And did I mention the wine connection?  Another entertaining delight I suspect!

And, I seriously love the blue containers with the black/purple/wine/white plantings. Good thing I have a picture because I might end up with some containers of a similar nature in my own garden next year!


Hope you enjoyed this post.  Check back in a few days to see two more gardens from the 2013 Boise Garden Tour.  Still lots left to share!


7 thoughts on “Boise Garden Tour – Take a ‘Look’ at These Fabulous Edens (Part II)

    1. Why certainly you may use it! I know it is not an official term but I like it too! Thanks for reading. I’ll be checking your site soon. I need to know what to do with my garlic scapes and I know you know! 🙂

  1. peering into gardens, and lives is just perfect – and I haven’t even had to leave my seat to go on this tour! I’m with you on those blue pots too! Always love gardens with paths and different levels and the use of colour too, but I also see wonderful mature trees again – creating such lovely shapes and shade. A delight!

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