Gardener ‘Shape Up,’ Breakout Breakfasts

It’s all about breakfast on this triple-shot Friday!  The weekend is upon us and if you are in need of some new breakfast ideas, try one of these three fabulous starters.

Since starting ‘Gardener ‘Shape Up’, Being Mindful of Health,‘ breakfast has played a leading role in my nutrition intake.  I have always eaten a little something in the a.m., but many times as life gets busy this meal gets shoved down the priority list.  An Almondina cookie or half of a pear or piece of Canadian bacon is what I might grab before leaving the house in the morning. Great start for the day?  I think not!

Knowing full well breakfast is the meal that gets your brain going…and knowing I need as much brain and memory power as I can muster each day, I’ve changed my habits.  These Breakout Breakfasts (BB) can be made in about 10 minutes, are well-balanced in terms of nutrition and are approximately 300-400 calories if kept to reasonable portions.

BB #1   – Plain greek yogurt , chopped almonds, blueberries, a bit of honey


BB #2  – poached egg, whole wheat english muffin or toast, clementines or orange

DSC_0031BB #3 – Old fashioned oatmeal, Marion berries, bit of milk, bit of brown sugar, chopped walnuts


Do you need to breakout of old habits and get off to a better start?  If so,  which one would you be most likely to try?  BB1, BB2 or BB3?

By the way, I’m participating in triple-shot Friday with PRIORHOUSE Blog.  If you like things in 3s, you’ll like triple-shot Fridays!


8 thoughts on “Gardener ‘Shape Up,’ Breakout Breakfasts

  1. yum, yum, and triple yum. 🙂

    and BB2 is the one that seems most like me – except I would lightly fry the eggs (2) in some real butter (not much) with a couple of small cloves of garlic….

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  3. I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, but my sweetheart keeps me honest. We’ve been juicing with lots of kale in the mix most mornings, but all of these suggestions are worth a try.

  4. Wonderful choices…right now I am on a complete veggie diet with no gluten, no dairy…breakfast 2 is what I like without the bread carb…I always have a good breakfast. For me I am now eating smaller meals and paying attention to when I am full…I also like to eat dinner early…great series!!

  5. All those choices look great! I nearly always start off with a nice breakfast and pack a lunch for work. What I’m trying to do is cut back on my evening meals when I tend to relax and over-indulge. Nice pics! A nd a great reminder to start the day off right.

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