Pot Up Edible Fare with Spring Flare

On this beautiful Spring day I decided to spend some time creating a container garden.  I absolutely love creating gardens in the confined space of a pot.  It is easier to see how the plants will highlight each other and provides instant gratification to set something beautiful on a porch, patio or balcony where there …

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Tulip Tales, Textures and Tapestries

I have to say it can't be officially Spring until the tulips arrive!  No matter where you live, it just seems like Spring is "official" once you spot the gorgeous cup-shaped blooms of brilliantly colored tulips swaying in the breeze.  Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers and in-part it is because you never …

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Ms. Elberta Peach Makes a Scene!

Ms. Elberta Peach made a scene!  She went all out garnering as much attention as possible in her surrounding neighborhood.  She started by unfurling her delicate rosy-pink blossoms all at once and then perfuming the vicinity with a scent as sweet as Chanel No. 5!  The neighbors, although they are few (Mr. Rhubarb, The Raspberry …

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