December Daily Wreath: Peace


Spotted these wreaths on a community run, hanging from the porch of an Arts and Craftsman-style home.  I like the re-use of twigs or grapevines as they may be, and I like the message.  Peace to you.



12 thoughts on “December Daily Wreath: Peace

  1. This one reminds me of “simply sensational” –

    oh – and I have a request – last night we stopped by the store and the cashier was telling us that everyone keeps calling her wreath “tacky” this year – but she loves it and will not take it down – and of course I noted the fun daily wreath blog I found – anyhow, was wondering if you have seen any “tacky” wreaths – or ones that are just silly. I was digging in the art bin and found a few mini wreaths this week – and one had me laughing with the Rudolph knocker – I will try and send a picture later –
    oh and Merry Christmas to you and your readers…

    1. To answer, YES! I’ve seen some tacky ones and thought about doing a week of “Wacky Tacky Wreaths” but then decided “to each his own” and didn’t go that route. You know how it is… what some see as trash others see as treasure and that’s the fun of creativity! Would love to see the pic of the Rudolph knocker, didn’t come across any with that feature! Merry Christmas and thank you for reading.

      1. well are you going to do another triple shot friday challenge tomorrow? If so, I will upload 3 wreath pictures on my blog and link your blog so you can see the rudolph one

  2. Perfect! Merry Christmas and thank you so much for this series – I have enjoyed it immensely! I looked back and decided I like the Dec 6th wreath most of all, but there are so many lovely ones. I will definitely give it a go myself mext year with all this inspiration!

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