Friday Favorite: Fresh Cuts From the Garden

Don’t you just love, love, love the first cuts from your garden!  Yesterday was my first cut of spinach and chives.

The first harvest of spinach was just enough to add a little color, nutrition and rich antioxidants to a simple pasta dish.  I steamed the spinach in a colander set above the pasta while it boiled.

I love the beautiful color and shape of chives although I don’t know many ways to use them.  I decided to experiment and threw in a couple handfuls while sautéing some garlic and other seasonings.

I mixed the steamed spinach with the sautéed chives and garlic and placed on top the pasta.  The final toppers were parmesan cheese and pepper.  A quick dish with good nutrition that we all enjoyed especially since we ate outside.  The bounty of the season has begun!