Purple Rain, Purple Reign

Now maybe it’s because I was in high-school and college in the 80’s that certain Prince songs are permanently embedded in my brain, but the other day an old favorite popped into my head while perusing the garden.

Purple rain, purple rain….purple rain, purple rain...

Black Lace Elderberry

Yes, we had just received another shower (we are having so many for a semi-arid climate, it’s amazing)  and I went out to shoot some photos thinking it would be nice to capture the after effect of the rain. As I began looking around I heard the song in my head and just kept shooting all the shades of purple in my garden.

Double Columbine from mom
Salvia 'Caradonna'
Aster 'Prince'
Redbud tree 'Forest Pansy'

Clematis ‘Bonanza’

When I finished I realized my late spring/early summer garden is dominated by shades of purple.  So maybe…

purple reign, purple reign…purple reign, purple reign…

is more appropriate!

Do you incorporate a lot of purple hues in your garden?  Or, is there a particular color that dominates your spring/summer garden?