As Spring advances, remember the necessities

You know what I mean right?  To a have a fabulous home-cooked meal, you have to go grocery shopping.  Or to have a favorite pair of jeans ready for the weekend you have to do laundry.  Well, it is the same with gardening.  You have to spend some time doing some of the not-so-fun necessities to be happy and satisfied later.

Today was a bit of a cool, rainy, blustery day peppered with five and ten minute sun breaks.  Not very appealing as far as working out in the garden so I decided to make use of a 10 minute sun break and take care of a necessity that was staring me right in the face.

I weeded.  No, this doesn’t mean I pulled up an episode of Showtime’s dark, comedic drama Weeds and relaxed for a few minutes.  Instead, I went to the dark side of gardening.  You know, where stimulation, creativity, and encouragement are downplayed while stubbornness, boredom and tenacity are highlighted.  But there’s no way to ignore this necessity of gardening.  Weeding is a part of the process of keeping an appealing garden that is sure to be the envy of friends, neighbors and passers-by.

So I spent exactly 10 minutes weeding a gravelled area where the weeds were having a heyday.  In this small amount of time I was able to clear the entire space!  Not a weed was left after 10 minutes.  And I pull out roots and all, no toping off  thank you very much!  I was pleasantly surprised by the result and even happier to boast to my husband that I “weeded” an entire area, as he likes to suggest that I do the “fun parts” of gardening while he does all the “yard work” with which he feels weeding is associated.

The message here is that as Spring continues to advance don’t forget the necessities of gardening.  Take 10 minutes each day and do a little of what some have called “therapeutic.”  I would never go that far but I will say satisfaction guaranteed immediately upon completion and in the months ahead as there is no chance the weeds will get the best of you this year.


5 thoughts on “As Spring advances, remember the necessities

  1. Erika

    First I have to say that I love reading your blog! I have to admit I also prefer the “fun part of gardening,” but sometimes one has to do the necessary evil of weeding. . . I will be doing that tonight, I think. You have inspired me!

  2. Great advice.

    About those goldfinches; if you put up a thistle sock (available at Zamzow’s or any garden store) you’ll be seeing goldfinches in a couple of weeks.

  3. Carol

    I love goldfinches…but not weeding so much, and I have plenty of it to do. Really, after looking at my flower beds it’s not the weeds that are out of control, there are some and some grass, that is trying to grow in them but it is the invasive flowers that I’m going to have to work hard at keeping them in check. Making sure they don’t take over the entire bed!

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