Summer Lush-Ness

Good Day!  It’s early summer with lots of fun activities and opportunities awaiting, so of course, it is a good day, right?

While I’m sorting through pictures of the Boise Garden Tour, I thought I would share some of the luscious blooms from my garden.  One morning last week, several plants had ‘popped.’ I got their first blooms on camera. 🙂


Rosa ‘The Impressionist’


Clematis ‘The President’

Clematis ‘The President’ and Rosa ‘The  Impressionist’ grow up the same trellis.  However, they have not become friends, getting comfy and winding around each other.  They’ve only been together a year so time will tell…


Asiatic lily ‘Blackout’

DSC_0875Poppy hybrid ‘Pink Heirloom’

Stay tuned for more garden lushness as I provide a view of the gardens visited on the Boise Garden Tour over the next week.  Happy Summer and Happy Blooms To You!




7 thoughts on “Summer Lush-Ness

  1. well this was so fun – the story and you know, it does take time to build a bong – ha! so can;t wait to see how Rosa and the Pres do… 🙂

    “have not become friends…” lol

    but your photos are gorgeous too – love the focus and hues – and of the post – love each one much – but Rosa was my fav – love the centering – the lighting- the differing pinks the whole thing….

    and good day to you too ❤

  2. Mike Pierson

    I will look forward to your Boise Garden shots.  Did not make it this year.  Keep up the good work.  Mike 2500 Sunset

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