Experience A Private Garden Tour

Ahhh…early summer, it’s a great time of year.  For me, the kids’ school year has wrapped up and we (kids and parents) are somewhat used to the less structured, more laissez-faire summer days.  It seems as if everyone in our family has some breathing room and a little time to be self-indulgent, enjoying something pleasurable just because we can…

I will take this opportunity to enjoy a full day of garden touring!

Shots from previous Boise Garden Tours…

Yes, I spend quite a bit of time in the garden so you may be thinking, “Don’t you want to enjoy something entirely different? Perhaps, a day out boutique shopping or getting a lovely manicure/pedicure?”  And truthfully, the answer is yes, those things sound fun, but private gardening touring sounds amazing!

In fact, I know from attending the last few years…the Boise Private Garden Tour is fabulous!  It is an event like no other in our community.

Image Bg
Come out this Sunday and see what’s behind this door!

The chance to see and visit with other gardening folks, viewing their creativity and talent growing plant life in our local area is really cool!  It opens up possibilities and spurs ideas in areas you may have already decided not doable. Beyond all that, gardeners are such a nice lot of people it would be hard to not enjoy this event!

I have used several ideas gleaned from the Boise Garden Tour in my own garden over the last couple of years.  Sometimes, something as simple as color combinations can provide inspiration to give a new look to your outdoor space. Or maybe seeing first hand, how edibles and ornamentals can be planted together for a beautiful, yet food-valuable garden can provide inspiration to break new ground.

So get out with a friend (and maybe a camera) and enjoy some leisurely creative time in gardens in your local area this summer.  I promise inspiration will abound!

For Local Readers:

If you have never come out for the Boise Garden Tour, (in its 27 years) this is a great year to start.  The 2014 tour includes six private gardens near downtown and in central Boise. The tour happens this Sunday,  June 22, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., rain or shine.

To learn more and get tickets for the tour call:  208-343-8649 or go to www.idahobotanicalgarden.org

The Idaho Botanical Garden is an amazing community resource and the Garden Tour benefits many of its programs throughout the year.




4 thoughts on “Experience A Private Garden Tour

  1. We have our village open gardens this weekend and two weekends ago we visited another nearby villages open garden event. Like you I love these chances to get inspired by real gardens and meet other gardeners. Hope all goes really well on the Garden tour, your previous photos look fantastic.

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