The Daily Wreath: Emphasize Your Assets!


As we head toward the new year and possibly entertain a little self-reflection about starting afresh, remember to emphasize your assets in your new ventures!  I think that is what was decided here…have a pink door – go with it!  (Spotted at the entrance to a grooming salon.)

And for a bit more on this vibrant color… you might think about embracing it!  For the color of the upcoming year as selected by the Pantone Color Institute ( , is “Radiant Orchid” which is basically the purply-pink of Phalaenopsis orchids.  (How did this little salon know what was to be hip! 🙂

Yes, the color of the year is most heavily seen in fashion and home decor but some fellow garden bloggers and writers say gardeners will most likely see many more plants with flowers of this hue this year. So if amiable, when planning vignettes, think pink, er… I mean “radiant orchid!”


6 thoughts on “The Daily Wreath: Emphasize Your Assets!

  1. I love this pastel purple color they have chosen for the color of the year…I have a bathroom in this color although called something different and I love the color in the garden…I am sure I have flowers in this hue already….I will have to look.

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