Take A Look: Boise’s Fabulous Edens Continued…

The Idaho Botanical Garden (IBG) presents the Boise Garden Tour each June. It is a one day event where multiple private residential gardens are open to the public for touring. The garden keepers (homeowners) are present during the tour and you can visit with them about their garden and gardening experiences. It is a grand time and the IBG website posts information about the tour well in-advance to help you get it on your schedule. Don’t miss it next June!

This is the last post in this series so take a moment to look at these beautiful gardens. You just never know where you’ll find inspiration for your own gardening ventures.

‘Upfront Food with A Dollop of Color and Dash of Whimsy’ – Upon entering this garden my eyes were immediately drawn to the gorgeous front lawn. No, not the grass, the incredible edible plot! Look at the paths leading to and from this feature making it a focal point and serving as a mechanism for walking and working around the garden.


The pea trellis is amazing and I must break down and get some of those sturdy tomato cages! Tomatoes go crazy in Boise and those look like the classic design that can hold up the heaviest, wildest of them all!


After scoping out the edible plantings, I took a path leading to the side front garden where
some bright colors were shining. The plants were pretty but the fun in this area were the quilts the gardener had made and decided to hang for this event. They not only provided more color to the vignettes but set the happy, whimsical vibe of the garden. These lovely quilts, which complemented the colors and designs of the vignettes, were definitely eye catchers.


BGTH6andr1Continuing on the path, I came to the gorgeous wrap-around porch. So gorgeous that most any planting would look great, but look at the simplicity at work here. These happy pots go perfectly with the vibe already suggested and it is so simple and attractive. Simple design ideas just cannot be overrated! Here is another shot of these great pots and the sitting spot behind them.



Rounding the corner I see a great mixed bed and more raised boxes and containers filled with colorful combinations and many varieties of plantings. You can tell this gardenkeeper has a ball mixing plants, colors and textures with a bit of garden decor. There is so much to smile at as you absorb this area.


Now, I’m headed to the backyard and can hear and see a lovely water feature. Although the colors are still vibrant and there are many plants in the mixed perennial border, it’s a bit more restful here. Maybe it’s the water or the nice grassy space that beckons one to sit down and relax for a bit.



BGTH55BGTH58Of special note for this garden, is the colorful furniture placed around the garden. The colors are really great and in this larger garden, the “weight” of the furniture looks perfect. These chairs look a little sturdier than some of the popular, streamlined outdoor furniture and for me this translates into “can take a bit more raucous activity” which is always good in a playful garden.


One final fun moment of discovery in this garden… on the way out my mom notices this climbing rose that looks as if it literally growing out of the wall!  “Wow!” we laugh, “this gardener’s got growing power!”


Water Garden Of The Wild West’ – This was the last private garden I toured and although by this time I had seen 5 others, this one was NOT ho-hum in any way!  In fact, it featured my favorite water element of the day and included much artistic design talent.

The front garden was very pretty featuring big trees, a rich green understory and splashes of brilliant orange to catch the eye. I really like the combination of these hues as they appear fresh and lush under the big, bright, Boise sky.


Walking around to the backyard I see the beginnings of what looks to be a theme garden. Something authentic and rustic and so well-suited to Idaho!


Stepping through the gate, I find the cutest ‘Wild West’ garden room. And it occurs to me that in this space plants are not the focus, instead plants with strong shape and color are used to highlight the artifacts. Nice change-up and still very cozy and quaint.


BGTH602As I continue walking I emerge onto a beautiful paver patio that is fixed ‘just right’ to continue the country western theme and provide a comfortable feel.


More plants and variety of color are emerging here and just beyond them is the gorgeous natural pond/waterway.



The “pond” is actually part of the canal system that winds throughout our valley for irrigation during the long dry summer. The gardenkeeper has done a tremendous job of transforming this necessary resource into a gorgeous garden oasis. Here are some shots from each end that I hope convey some of its beauty.



BGTH610There is a small seating area near one end of the pond that could engage a gardener for hours… watching the water flow, taking in the color, sounds and lighting of this space.


But alas, I must show you some of the vibrant container gardens in this space as well as the fun character.



I loved this bird house!


With one last photo I’ll say goodbye to this year’s Boise Garden Tour. I found this beautiful pot tucked under a large tree near the pond and couldn’t resist its simple beauty.


I hope folks have enjoyed this series of posts showing the Boise Garden Tour.  Thank you gardenkeepers for sharing your wonderful gardens with us and to the IBG for organizing this event. Keep up the great growing and happy gardening always!

Note: I also visited the Firewise Garden located at the Idaho Botanical Garden that was part of the Boise Garden tour but I learned so much about the concept and application of firewise gardens I’ve decided to share it separately in the coming weeks.


14 thoughts on “Take A Look: Boise’s Fabulous Edens Continued…

  1. Julia

    Thanks for the wonderful series that captured the beauty of the gardens, and the hard work and attention to detail that each ‘garden keeper’ uses. We are so fortunately to be able to benefit from their efforts, and have this chance to dream in their private spaces for an afternoon. Now, thru your blog, I have visited them again in these hot days of summer, and will once more during the cold of winter that I know will come. Thank you, lovely work!!

  2. I really love that first one… so much colour and such a fun but still relaxing garden to be in. The colourful pots are something I will be looking out for now. I may even paint my own if I can’t find any. Love them! Thanks for this lovely series!

  3. The first one is wonderful – so colourful and fun! I especially like those bright pots and will definitely be on the lookout for something similar now. Thanks for sharing. Loved the series!

  4. All three posts had great gardens with loads of visual interest. This garden had much color and whimsy. My neighbor did the same to those colorful chairs. Each was painted a different color. I would say the Buffalo area has similar aesthetics and sense of play.

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