In A Vase On Monday: Springtime Fresh

Yippee! It’s Monday and I am finally participating in this lovely meme started by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  For those of you seeing this for the first time, each week, gardeners fill a vase with something beautiful from their gardens, snaps some photos and then write a post about it titled, “In A Vase on Monday.”

My first garden bouquet for the spring is this of Tulipa ‘Hakuun’ and an unknown hellebore.  I love the shades of white and light green with the deep green vase.



My inspiration for making the bouquet was a brutal wind that was blowing.  I decided to rescue some of my favorite tulips and bring them inside to enjoy.  Along the way, I decided the hellebore blooms would look lovely with the tulips.



Once the wind stopped, I decided to photograph the bouquet outside with the soft setting light.

DSC_0011I am enjoying this bouquet and want to thank in particular, Cathy at Words and Herbs for her ongoing beautiful bouquets that have motivated me to start taking photos of my bouquets, and to even participate in this fun meme.

Have a wonderful week gardeners!


18 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday: Springtime Fresh

  1. That is so beautiful! The kind of vase that makes you sigh contentedly when you see it! White tulips and hellebores complement each other so well, and I love the green vase as a contrast too. Thanks for the mention Andrea, and I am so glad you joined in this week!

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